Appeals Service for Parking Fines

South Dublin Parking Services operates a traffic management measure to deter illegal parking. If you receive a parking fine and you are unhappy with the enforcement action taken, there is a two-stage appeals service available to motorists.

The first stage involves an appeal to South Dublin Parking Services. To make a representation regarding the Fixed Charge Notice, you can do so online:

Or formally write to: South Dublin Parking Services
P.O. Box 9965
Dublin 2

Please enclose any documentation which you feel may substantiate your case. We aim to reach a decision within 28 days.

If you are not satisfied with the decision of South Dublin Parking Services in relation to your appeal, you may re-appeal by writing to: Independent Appeals Officer, C/O P.O. Box 9965, Dublin 2.

A letter will be issued to advise the decision of the Independent Appeals Officer in due course. If the appeal is rejected by the Independent Appeals Officer, the Fixed Charge Notice must then be paid to avoid court proceedings being initiated.

On receipt of an appeal by South Dublin Parking Services, the payment time frame and application of a legal administration charge, is put on hold until a decision is made. Please note that if a Fixed Charge Offence is not paid within 28 days of it being issued, or if an appeal is not lodged during this 28 day period, the Fixed Charge Offence amount increases by 50%.

If a Fixed Charge Offence remains unpaid after a 56 day period, or an appeal is not lodged during this 56 day period, a legal administration charge is applied.

General Complaints & Enquiries

For general enquiries, you may contact South Dublin Parking Services on

Email: or

Telephone: 01 542 5678

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